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Re: Lighter bake

At 12:39 PM 7/19/00 +0200, you wrote:
Could you please tell me what lighter bake is? This was mentioned in the recipe for Oat Bran Banana Muffins today.

Many thanks.

Hilary Eberhardt

From a promotion I found on the internet:

Sunsweet, Pleasanton, CA, has introduced Sunsweet Lighter Bake a 100% fat- and cholesterol-free baking ingredient that replaces butter, margarine, oil or shortening in scratch recipes and packaged mixes.

Made from a blend of dried plums and apples, this new fat "imposter" creates moist,chewy baked goods that are lower in fat.

"We know that more and more Americans are interested in reducing the fat in their diet, but we also know that taste is still the most important factor in deciding what to eat," said Erin Hull, Sunsweet's V.P. Marketing.

Lighter Bake is located in the cooking oil or baking ingredients section of supermarkets nationwide.