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canned peaches

I just tried Del Monte brand Raspberry Sliced Peaches.  They are really 
delicious, no fat, a real treat.

I read an article in McCalls magazine for fixing meals ahead - cook pasta 
(ziti, penne or rotini will work best) and then divide in portions for the 
freezer in zip lock bags.  Chop some favorite vegies and freeze those in 
separate bags.  In the a.m., pull out a bag of pasta and one or two bags of 
vegies and put them in the refrigerator to defrost.  At lunchtime or later 
mix together with no-fat salad dressing or top with some tomato sauce and 
heat the pasta dish in the microwave.

I have thought you needed to blanche vegies before freezing but that was not 
mentioned in the article - sooo maybe it works fine this way.

Barbara in FL