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hint: bake potato [pan]cakes instead of cooking on stove

I use a potato pancake recipe that can be baked in a very hot
oven. At the moment, I cannot locate the recipe but it was by Steven
Raichlen. He calls his method "bake-frying" and for this method to
work, you need to make the kind of pancakes that are a bit on the thin

Heat a cookie sheet in a hot (over 450 degrees) oven for about 5
minutes. Working quickly, spray cookie sheet with cooking spray and
form thin pancakes. Bake 5-10 minutes minutes then spray tops and flip

I wish I could give a more exact recipe or method but I'm hoping that
the idea is enough. One real benefit is that you do not have to stand
in front of the stove making small batches.


p.s. You could consider this to be related to those cornbread recipes
that call for putting the batter in a preheated pan so that a crispy
crust forms on the bottom.