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RE: Ramen noodles

I, too, lived for years on Oodles of Noodles and anything that could be
mixed into them.  These Ramen are so delicious.  The nice thing is that you
could also get 5 packs for $1.  Great for low-income families, isn't it?
Making on of the United States' foods that's almost THE highest in saturated
fat available so cheaply?   Don't we do our people favors?  Uh huh.

I haven't found anything available that is a ramen in its prefried form.
I'm wondering if it's not fried, if it has a completely different name and
nature, that when asking about it, people have no idea what I mean.

I have, however, found a really delicious noodle in my search! I have become
addicted to bean-thread noodles.  They look weird, kinda clear, and have a
really nice texture.  They also cook literally in seconds.  You almost just
dip them in boiling water.  As with all noodles, I insult them before I cook
them:  I smash them into bite-sized pieces. <LOL>  Although these noodles
don't compliment Italian sauces, they're so wonderful with lighter Asian
sauces or vinaigrette dressings.

Although I realize this isn't a substitute for delicious, artery-hardening
Ramen noodles, they're good ones you might have missed!


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Hi:   What do you use that might be as quick and easy as the ramen
noodles;  is there an equivalent on the market that is readily available
and not fried in fat?

Sue in NY