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Re: FATFREE Digest V00 #279

On Thu, 12 Oct 2000 fatfree-request@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Does anybody have a recipe for a type of dessert called (I believe) Capelozzi 
> di Venere (Nipples of Venus.) If it's not an acceptable recipe for the list  
> then please respond privately.
> Talia

This is a Viennese confection made famous by the movie "Amadeus."  It
consists of fresh chestnuts, boiled in water for 5 minutes or baked on a
cookie sheet at 450F for 5 min, after cutting an X on the stem end, then
cooled, peeled and coated liberally with buttercream candy mix (1 bag 10x
sugar, brandy or a flavored extract, enough butter to make a stiff paste
and food coloring) and allowed to harden.  So, no, it's not an appropriate
recipe for this list.