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Re: Peanut Butter Analysis

"dehydrated cane juice"! LOL  That's a good one!

Jeff Nygren

Date: Mon, 9 Oct 2000 16:03:23 -0400
>From: "Nancy Adkins" <nadkins@xxxxxxx>
>Subject: Re: Peanut Butter Analysis
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>> Back in my teaching days, I had students extract all
>> the oil out of peanut butter. What remains is a very
>> fine powder. I'm sure somebody could do something to
>> make a spread with it but I don't know if it would
>> satisfy the craving for "real" peanut butter.
>> Eva
>I believe that is what Peanut Wonder is made from as the ingredients
>Peanut flour, Peanut butter, water, malt syrup, oat syrup, vegetable
>glycerine, dehydrated cane juice soy flour, tapioca, natural flavors
>colors salt, calcium carbonate,xanthan gum,lecithin,vit. E, vit.C
>this may be crap as someone put it but for me if this keeps me from
>on true junk food than it is well worth the small amount of fat and

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