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Umm, baked apples

Hello, everyone...

In West Virginia where I live, its the beautiful season of autumn and
apples are abundant.  I baked some last night with dinner and they were
very tasty... so I thought I'd post my recipe in case someone else has a
hankering for a warm cinnamon-ny apple:

What you need:
--apples, split in halves, with the middle seed area scooped out
--pumpkin pie spice
--lemon juice
--ff cooking spray (try butter flavor)

--FF butter topping spray
--brown sugar/sweetener

Heat oven to 375 degrees F.  Put a thin layer of water in the bottom of
your baking pan.  Place the apple halves in the pan and spray with the
cooking spray (and butter topping spray if you want).  Pour a little lemon
juice over each apple (honey too); sprinkle cinnamon and pumpkin spice (and
brown sugar if ya want, but they're good without, too) on them.  Bake for
55-60 minutes, until skin and flesh are nice and smooshy.  Enjoy!

The bonus of this recipe is that it makes your kitchen smell good while
they bake!  :>

Enjoy your day,