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cream cheese? mandel bread?low cal granola?

ok, i agree, enough about nuts! (but i luv 'em!!) ANYWAY!!! i wanted to know 
if anyone know if u can cook with fat free cream cheese instead of butter, i 
heard u can, but i think the consistency would be very odd...
also! does any1 know any recipes for FATFREE mandel bread? it is kinda like 
biscotti, but jewish, and i make it softer, it is soooo wonderful but talk 
about pilin' on the fat! i would love a healthier recipe (if it is LOWfat and 
not fatfree, please e-mail it to me anyway!)
one more thing! does any1 have any FATFREE (or lowfat...) AND low CALORIE 
granola (or other dessert recipes worth e-mailing :-) ? it it usually very 
high in calories, even if it is fatfree!
thanks, i am done for now!!!          -------------> BLUEYEZ13@xxxxxxx