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Rice cooker thanks!

Hi all,

I had put in a request for info on non-stick rice cookers, and got some
good feedback.  The most common suggestions were Panasonic and
Zojirushi.  My husband went wild searching on the net, and came up with
a Zojirush "Neuro-Fuzzy" large capacity fuzzy-logic rice cooker (he must
have his toys, after all... :)

So far, it makes some of the best rice I"ve ever had (and I didn't think
the old rice cooker made bad rice, mind you!), and it washes clean with
a quick wipe of a soapy cloth -- wonderful!  I didn't ask him how much
it cost, and he didn't tell me... :)

Last night we threw in rice, water, and a couple of bags of frozen
veggies.  40 minutes later, poof -- dinner!  Effort -- about 1 minute. 
GOtta love it!

Thanks for all the great suggestions!

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