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Roasted chickpeas

I am looking for a recipe for roasted chickpeas.  I found one in the
archives with taco seasoning and egg whites used on them (which I can't
have).  I remember a discussion quite a long time ago about how to roast
them but I didn't save the recipes.  Could you use canned chickpeas?

I am allergic to all snack foods and I am looking for something crispy and
crunchy.  Can't have wheat, corn, potato, oats, rye, barley, rice etc,  I
need something pretty plain and simple because my list of allergies is so

I found some crunchy, puffed chickpeas at a store that sells middle eastern
foods, but they were fried and so they had a lot of fat. (You'll eat just
about anything when you get desperate!).  So I wanted to see if I could find
a healthier version.