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Too Much Summer Produce Sauce!

I've discovered a really easy way to use my excess summer produce to make an
excellent tomato based sauce that can be frozen, used fresh, used as a dip, or
anything else you may want!


Prepare as many cookie sheets as you will need:  line with foil and spray with
Pam.  Do not use a deeper roasting pan or it will not roast proplerly.

- Slice tomatoes in half (no matter large or small) and lay cut side down on
cookie sheet (OK to crowd everything) - Add onions sliced in 1/4-1/2 inch
rounds. - Add whole cloves peeled garlic.

Lightly spray tops with PAM and put in 250 degree oven for 6-8 hours or more. 
Since it is hot here in LA, I usually do this in the evening and let it roast
while we sleep.

In the am I refrigerate until I have time to process.  To process combine in a
food processor and let 'er 'rip.  It will have a thick consistency that is
perfect for a dip, especially with bruschetta, and the concentrated flavor
from the ovn roasting.  Heavenly.  I also freeze it for soups and sauces in
the wintere, or cut up tofu, add it and serve it hot over rice or pasta.  A
great way to get veggies into kids!

Feel free to add other veggies as you have them:  eggplant cut in rounds
roasts beautifully as well as summer squash, winter squash, carrots cut in
half the long way, sweet peppers, fresh corn kernels, whatever!

You can also process the end product with any fresh/dried herbs you want, or
for a little bite, add hot peppers or capers.  This is so rich you will never
miss the oil or meat.