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Mince/Mincemeat and Linda Mac

Hello Everyone!  I'm Australian (so closely tied with England culturally)
and have travelled there extensively also.  Linda McCartney gave me the
courage to go Veggie.  I hope this helps....

Mince = minced ground beef
Mincemeat = dried fruits/fat/spice put in little pies for Christmas "Fruit
mince pies" but is often just referred to as mincemeat.
                   Unless you make sure it's the veggie version it will
probably have lard in it.

In the UK you can buy prepared "mince" in the refrigerator section to use 1
for 1 in Linda's recipes.  Her older books ask for TVP and 128 gms or 4 oz
of this = 1 pound or 450 gm minced beef.

Steakettes are like chunks of tvp and/or small veggie burgers about 2" in
diameter - I have found these all fairly interchangeable.  Just cut the
veggie burgers into cubes for a casserole.  Enjoy her meals!  I brought my
four boys up on her recipes!

Love & Light
"If slaughterhouses had glass walls
  the whole world would be vegetarian" 
       Linda McCartney