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re: mincemeat

Hey Jude (sorry, couldn't help it),

The mincemeat that I've seen here in the US is fat free (i.e., no lard). Not
sure what brand but comes in glass jars with a burgundy & gold label
(?) - - - this stuff is SUPER sugary but intense fruit / spice / rum flavor
and absolutely DIVINE as a high calorie topping for fat free vanilla ice
cream / frozen yogurt. We have served it in compote glasses for dessert at
Thanksgiving and Christmas - - - elegant and festive.

re: "Mincemeat = dried fruits/fat/spice put in little pies for Christmas
"Fruit mince pies" but is often just referred to as mincemeat. Unless you
make sure it's the veggie version it will probably have lard in it."