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Growing Ginger

In light of the recent discussion about planting gingerroot in a flowerpot,
I just came across this post from Martha Schneck (dated July 1, 2000) on the

For fresh ginger the year round you can take a lumpy, bumpy bit of ginger
root (I always look for a bit that has fresh looking buds on the bumps).
Plant it in well draining soil in a small pot with good drainage.  Keep it
moist, but not soaked.  Mist it several times a day if you live in low
humidity or A/C.  I grown mine in a south window shaded by large trees. When
it is about 12" high you can uproot it, pull off some bumps to cook with,
and replant.  It's a pretty little plant and except for the humidity, quite
forgiving.  Fresh ginger also can be grated and then frozen.


Sounds like fun.  I may try it, as my ginger always goes moldy.  (My eyes
are bigger than my stomach; I always buy a chunk that's too big, with big
plans of what to do with it....)  I know it keeps in sherry (my mother once
kept a little piece for over a year in sherry in her fridge, waiting for me
to come back to visit and cook something else with it), but I don't always
want the sherry taste in what I'm cooking.

Anyhow, ladies and gents, start your flowerpots!


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