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mango/mint/yogurt dressing

*	A local grocery chain here in Atlanta was featuring these wonderful,
large, juicy ripe ( some overly ripe ) mangos three for a dollar and I
couldn't refuse.
*	I made this dressing which I pulled from
http://www.pcola.gulf.net/~ghancock/food4.html	a real interesting site,
especially if you like HOT, HOT, and Turn Up the Heat type recipes !
	Mango/mint/yogurt dressing 
*	1 cup plain or vanilla fat free yogurt 
*	1 ripe mango, peeled and flesh cubed and juice squeezed out while
cubing (i.e. a viscous mess of mango) 
*	1/2 cup mint leaves (before chopping) 
*	3 T herb vinegar 
*	2 T honey 
*	1 T Dijon (or another heavy) mustard 
*	Mince the mint leaves well and combine all ingredients in a blender
or food processor. Refrigerate. 

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