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That wonderful Apple Pie!

I was absolutely delighted to find the "Apple Pie with Oatmeal Cookie Crust" 
in the compilation digest I just received! :-)  I've been looking for an 
acceptable crust for pies, and this sure sounds like something I can hardly 
wait to try.  In fact, I'm on my way to the kitchen as soon as I get this 
post sent!  lol  

Since I also try to avoid simple sugars as much as fat, I think I'll try 
substituting part if not all of the sugar with Splenda.  It will definitely 
work with the filling, but I might need some sugar to make the crust work out 

For those interested in the details, I did a quick nutrition analysis for 
calories and fat.  In a 10 serving pie, the calories are around 307 per 
serving, with one point one grams of fat.  Dropping a great deal of the sugar 
should make bring it well down into the 200's which fits in better with 
watching my weight.   I'm always looking for the satisfying dessert that 
doesn't sabotage the waist line, and the recipe archives of this list have 
provided Many such delights. :-)

(who is going to have apple pie for dessert this evening!)