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Chili Recipe from websurfer

A websurfer who wished to remain anonymous submitted the following
recipe to Fatfree:

Vegetarian Chili
Makes approx. 5 or 6 bowls.
(do not cover while cooking - it will get too watery)

Micro-wave together for about 3 minutes:
A couple of peeled diced potatoes, one large peeled/diced onion, 3 or 4
sliced thin carrots.
    (you may also use 5 or 6 stalks of chunked up celery)
Nuke till partially/soft cooked.

Open, drain and rinse one 8 oz can of each of the following:
 Beans: Kidney, lima, butter, garbanzo and/or beans of your choice
Add one 8 oz can each of: peas, creamed corn, stewed tomatoes.
Put all ingredients into a large kettle.

Bring to just about a boil and then simmer/cook 2 hours.
During the first hour add spices.  1 teaspoon each of:
Cumin, tarragon, basil, chervil and chili powder mixed into
a little warm water in a cup. Then stir into the kettle.
If you like hotter chili add more chili powder.

Remember the longer you cook beans the less they will react the day
after eating.  If chili is not thick enough add corn starch.

Serve with rice crackers or homemade corn muffins.

This chili freezes well but I would not keep more than a month.