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potato salad was:FATFREE Digest V01 #169

: With summer in full swing I'd love to make some potato or pasta salad but
: >am not particularly fond of fat-free mayo.  Does anyone have an
: >alternative, or a suggestion for possibly a better tasting mayo?
: >Mary Ann

i love potato salad, and this is what i make, the combination of the ff may
with ff sour cream seems to improve the taste of both!  i've served this at
parties and people love it in spite of it's lack of fat :)  i use kraft ff

fat free potato salad

4 cups small red potatoes (or as many as you want to make!)

    wash and cut the potatoes into bite sized pieces.  put in a microwavable
bowl, cover with cling wrap.  microwave on high for 5 minutes.  check the
tenderness of the potatoes, if not done, stir around and micorwave again for
5 minutes.  repeat until potatoes are tender.  when done, put potatoes into
ice water.

1/2 cup fat free mayo
1/2 cup fat free sour cream
handful of dill weed
fresh ground pepper

    use half mayo half sour cream, add spices to taste.  coat potatoes with
dressing when they've cooled down.  cover and refrigerate. best if made the
day before.  salt to taste.