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Bread Machines

I suspect there's not too much difference since machines are very popular
now.  I got an Oster a few years ago and was disappointed in its performance
because it did not have the power (watts) to mix some heavy breads.  The
motor just could not turn the paddle.  I reported the problem to Oster and
they sent me a replacement machine, but the problem is in the design, not my
particular machine.

Before you buy, I suggest you do some homework (Consumers' Reports
inquiries) in magazines, internet, store sales staff.  All machines will
list their wattage/power.  If it means a few more dollars, get the higher
rated machine (most power).  All the other whistles and bells are about the
same between manufacturers.

As for ingredients, read up on bread making first; there are a few books
just on bread-machine breads.  Sugars are needed to activate the yeast so
that it will ferment and give off gas (leavening).  Oil makes it less
crumbly.  Salt is needed to control the rate of gas given off by the yeast.
I have not bought commercial bread in years and still experiment with
different ingredient combinations (which is one of the "joys" of making your
own bread). I also transfer the dough to my own bread pans because I don't
like the form/shape of machine bread (as well as that paddle hole in the
bottom).  While the final product is closer to what I want in terms of
protein/fat/carbohydrate levels, I have yet to make a perfect loaf that
would be like store-bought.  But then store bought can't cater to my unusual
ingredients (carob powder, blueberries, dried apples, applesauce,
pineapples, flax seeds, etc.)

Good Luck.

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Thought of buying a bread making machine so I could, of course, make my own
bread without ingredients that I don't want (sugar, oil, salt, etc.).  Any
suggestions for brands, features?  Much appreciated.