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Re: Red Cabbage Soup with Tomato and Potatoes

In a message dated 6/11/2001 5:00:23 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
RBrown9213@xxxxxxx writes:

<< Another nice soup is red cabbage with boiled potatoes. Cold or hot. Winter 
 summer. I don't have a "formal" recipe. But clean a nice big cabbage 
 thoroughly, put on a nice big pot of water to boil, reduce to slow rolling 
 boil, add one or two peeled small whole onions (sweet onions are best, like 
 vidalia), all the red cabbage leaves, I use small red potatoes, and a large 
 can of pureed tomatoes (or any kind you like), season to taste...I like a 
 dash of garlic, onion powder, a small sprinkle of cayenne pepper (if you 
 hot, spicy foods, you can spice this up alot with cayenne pepper...I like it 
 mild), and whatever else you like. Continue to cook liquid down. Simple. 
Forgot to mention to chunk the potatoes, do not puree or dice small. You can 
also add carrots and leeks, nice. I like to use canned whole tomatoes, 
regular or italian. Also, a dash of sugar kind of makes it like sweet and 
sour, even though it will not be sour. Play with it, it will be good no 
matter what.