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Re: Red Cabbage Soup with Tomato and Potatoes

In a message dated 6/11/2001 6:59:57 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
CF_Muehling@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

<< When you talk about a "nice big cabbage," are you talking a regular white
 cabbage, then adding red cabbage leaves, or all red cabbage?
 Also, do you chop the "nice big cabbage, or cook the head whole.  I know
 that sounds like a weird  question, but I thought I'd ask.
 I absolutely love cabbage of any sort.
 Thanks for a delicious sounding recipe!
I prefer using only the red cabbage, but of course you can use whatever you 
like, in any combination. The red has more nutrition and has a better taste. 
You can prepare the cabbage by removing all outside yucky leaves and then 
separating each leaf, etc. Or, you can clean the head after removing the 
tough, dirty outside layers, and then perhaps chunk the head in quarters, 
etc.  Of course, eventually you will reduce the heat to a low boil (medium) 
and it must be watch because although you want to cabbage to be soft you 
don't want mush. Some like the cabbage firmer, some softer, it is up to you.  
Yes, I love cabbage too, and it is so good for you. You will love this soup, 
like I said, hot or cold . . . red cabbage with the tomatoes, etc. is so 
good.....  hot or cold.

Another thing I like is a mixture of red and white cabbage, shredded, a 
little shredded carrot, perhaps a drop of shredded onion (very little), some 
pure water with a good vinegar and some sugar. Makes a delicious, totally 
fatfree coleslaw. It is difficult to get the measurements of the water, 
vinegar and sugar just right, again, I have no specifics, but play with it. I 
LOVE coleslaw. TIP: Go easy on the vinegar. Very refreshing salad. I love to 
snack on it.