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Lasagna suggestion (not a recipe)

1. I like to put swiss chard in lasagna. It's a vegetable that can be
used like spinach. Both red and green varieties are good. I don't know
if there is any major difference between them. If you are cooking red
chard with other ingredients though, the other food may turn pink!!

I usually separate the stems from the leaves before washing.

Stems: Rinse, chop, and put in pot of boiling water for a few minutes
       to soften fibrous stems. (Or you could saute them)

Leaves: wash well and chop up a bit. Add to stems that have already
	been cooking for a minute or two. When wilted, remove from

	Strain chard to remove cooking liquid and add to one of the
	lasagna layers. The stems add a nice bit of texture to the dish.

2. A veggie bolognese sauce is also good. I suspect that adding TVP to
   any tomato sauce would work well. (I have a friend who used to add
   bulgur to veggie chili to accomplish the same thing.)