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Re: Substitutions in Germany

Casey wrote:
> These receipes for lasagne look wonderful, but does anyone know what kind
of cheese I can use > here in Germany?  FF mozzarella doesn't exist and I
haven't been able to find anything similar to
> FF ricotta.

Be aware that what Americans call fat free isn't really - it just means it
contains less than 0.5 g of fat per serving (which the manufacturer can make
as small as they like). There are no FF products in Canada, either, because
we have more stringent labeling laws - and German ones are *really*
stringent. So you might just want to look at the actual fat content of the
product and make your decision based on that.

About ricotta, there is good low-fat cottage cheese in the Netherlands, at
least, where I used to live, do they have that in Germany? It's a good
substitute for ricotta.

Be well, Hadass in Winnipeg