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Re: Lasagna suggestion (not a recipe)

Jayne wrote:
>  2. A veggie bolognese sauce is also good. I suspect that adding TVP to
>     any tomato sauce would work well. (I have a friend who used to add
>     bulgur to veggie chili to accomplish the same thing.)

Yves ground round works really well, too. I spray a non-stick pan (or use
your favourite sauteing liquid - maybe red wine? hmmm ...), toss in some
diced onion, garlic and mushrooms, let them become translucent, toss in a
can of tomato sauce (any kind will work, but I'm partial to Hunt's - not
totally fatfree, but not too bad, either), crumble in a package of Yves
ground round, either original or Italian, let warm while stirring
occasionally, et voila - veggie bolognese. If you've cooked some pasta
and/or vegetables and thrown together a salad while this was happening,
you've got dinner on the table.

I'm not generally a fan of cooking out of cans and packages, but this works
for me, especially when I get home at 5:45 and need to feed three hungry,
grouchy males in a hurry 8-).

Be well, Hadass in Winnipeg