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Re: cherries

I'm not at home near my Mastercook to send you a cherry soup recipe, but don't forget you can dry these little morsels and use them as though you would any other fruit.  They make beautiful muffins, a great taste contrast in any salad that has a vinegarette dressing, in stuffing, with pork, Hmm... in cereal, any place you'd use a raisin <stop me> 

How lucky to have cherries! 

On Wed, 20 June 2001, "Herman Friedman" wrote:

> For the first time in years, my husband got to pick the cherries before the
> birds got to eat them.  Now I have so many cherries, I was wondering if
> anyone knew of a good cherry soup receipe.  Would you think cherry soup
> would freeze well?  Thanks for your imput.  Marilyn

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