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serving sizes

In a message dated 01-06-21 04:24:14 EDT, you write:

<< > A.   She is correct that it means less than a half gram of fat  per
 serving, but she is wrong when she > says that manufacturers can make
 servings as small as they like.  The size of servings is regulated
 > by the Federal Government.

I thought that as well, but there must be a lot of wiggle room in that 
system, because I've seen a lot of variation in how its done.  For example, 
one brand of cookie that has a standard and a fat free version tells you that 
2 standard cookies are a serving, but only one fat free cookie is a complete 
serving.  The catch is, that fat free may be fat free, but if calories 
concern you, or sodium, they are trying to disguise the fact that the fat 
free version is loaded with as much or more calories and sodium as the 
standard cookie. I've seen this with crackers as well.  How do they get away 
with this, if serving sizes are supposed to be standardized?