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Re: Substitutions in Germany

Neil wrote:
> Hadass is generally correct, but she is mistaken about the meaning of "fat
free" here in the US of
> A.   She is correct that it means less than a half gram of fat  per
serving, but she is wrong when she > says that manufacturers can make
servings as small as they like.  The size of servings is regulated
> by the Federal Government.

That may well be, but the servings that I have seen on most labels do not
bear any relationship to the kind of servings most Americans use. They don't
call it the SAD (Standard American Diet) for nothing! Everything is big,
big, big. So whom are those manufacturers kidding? They may well have
convinced the FDA (or the Health Protection Branch here in Canada, for that
matter) that a serving of mayonnaise is 15ml (1 tbsp), but is that what most
people slap on their hamburger buns???

Be well, Hadass in Winnipeg, who doesn't think too many people stop at 1 oz
of potato chips when they come in those huge bags, either.