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Roasting Vegetables

Someone asked about how I roast vegetables (in reference to making a veggie
pizza.)  I vegetable spray a heavy cookie sheet, then cover it with foil
(to make cleanup easier) and place the vegetables all over it.  I don't put 
anything on the vegetables nor do I marinate them if I'm going to use them
for pizza or lasagna since the sauce I will put them in will have the 
seasonings in it. This is what I like to use:

eggplant:   cut in thick slices (I peel first)
red pepper: remove stem and seeds, cut in half, place skin side up and
            flatten with hand.  Turn over if skin gets too blackened.
mushrooms:  Cut into quarters
zucchini:   Cut lengthwise into quarters
onions:     Cut into thick slices
portabello mushrooms: scrub, skin top and cut into thick slices

Bake uncovered at 400 deg F until eggplant is soft, but can still be cut; 
red pepper skin is blackened (cool and peel off skin), others have most of
the liquid cooked out (this keeps the pizza, lasagna, etc. from becoming
too watery). This takes about 15 minutes.   Then I use my kitchen
shears and cut them all up into chunks or bite-sized pieces. Very fast 
and simple.  (I use my kitchen shears for everything - including
cutting the pizza when it's done so I don't scratch the pan.)

Natalie in Milwaukee