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Re: FATFREE Digest V98 #265

>From: "Elicker, Janet" <JELICKER@xxxxxxxxxx>
>I've heard that kombu is a good addition when cooking dried beans, so I
>picked some up at the HFS, and now I have absolutely no idea what to do
>with it!  I have big dried strips of the stuff, and now I could use some
>guidance on how much to use, say, in a crockpot full of beans, do I
>rinse that powdery white stuff off the surface, does it get soaked
>before adding it to the pot or just thrown in dry, and if it's soaked,
>do you add the soaking water too....  I'd appreciate advice from an
>experienced person.

You just take a damp cloth and *lightly* wipe off the white stuff,
then dump it in the bean pot, no presoaking required.  Don't wipe it
too hard, because a lot of the nutrients are near the surface, and
come off quite easily (and who wants to suck on a nutritious


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