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No fat-added, no sugar granola

I asked:
Is there such a thing as no-fat-added, no-sugar-added granola?  I'd love to
find some!

Susan responded:
I posted some granola recipes some time ago and they should be in th
archives.  They used honey or rice syrup as a sweetener/stickiness
ngredient.   No oil or fat was added.  Also used some snipped dried fruits
to give some variety.

Thanks, Susan, but I was meaning with NO sweetener whatsoever.  When I eat
anything sweet, I tend to want to eat TONS of it.  I have some no-fat-added
granola from Walnut Acres right now, and it's so good that I can eat 3
bowls of it with non-fat soymilk.  Earl suggested using vegetable juice.
Any other non-sweet suggestions?  Thanks!