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Re: No fat-added, no sugar granola

"slattery@xxxxxxxxxxxx" wrote:

> I asked:
> Is there such a thing as no-fat-added, no-sugar-added granola?  I'd love to
> find some!

We buy a no-fat-added, no-sugar-added granola from Alvarado Street Bakery.
They sell all over the San Francisco Bay Area, but I don't know if it's
available other places. It might still be too sweet, though, as they use dates
in it--ground up, I assume, since I've never seen date pieces.  It's also
low-fat, not fat-free, as they add sunflower and sesame seeds which they leave
whole.  The top of the package is always lower fat than the bottom, because
the seeds sink!

My husband eats it daily, but I save it for special occasions.  It's certainly
great compared to regular granolas, though.

Jane Colman