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baking (muffins, etc)

Just a note: remember to replace your baking powder fairly regularly.
I had an old can that I was using for my muffins, etc, and when I
threw it out and bought new, I couldn't believe the difference in
the lightness of the baking items I make.  This is probably even more
important for fatfree baking.

I made a "bisquit" (yes, just one) last night with just ww flour,
wheat bran, baking powder, baking soda, and water.  It was delicious.
I will try to turn it into a real recipe and post.

I like to have fresh "bread" whenever I eat it with soup, salad, or
whatever, and I find most American breads have far too many additives.
So keeping flour/bran/rising-agent handy for making fresh bisquits each
time is a great option for me.

Happy baking!


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