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fake deviled egg stuffing

hello readers....i hope that you can help us with this one.

with easter coming up, and the easter bunny poised and ready to do his
thing,  we have a special request for making those traditional deviled
eggs....untradtional in the usual sense, minus the hard boiled yolks,
but close to the taste and texture as we can get.

back in the "olden days" we used to enjoy the deviled hard-boiled eggs
that my husband's mother would make during the holidays.  we have long
given up the traditional deviled eggs but occasionally would love to
have something similar to add to the holiday table.  with easter just
down the road, we know that we would like to substitute the traditional
hard boiled egg stuffing with something close to it in taste and
texture, but NO yolks.

i cannot remember if someone else posted something that could be used,
i.e. salad spread or sandwich spread, but if so, i cannot place it.
once we hard boil the eggs and toss out the yolks, what can we stuff
then with?  we had thought about an garbanzo bean mixture....but need
some guidance as to what else to add and what amount to use.  i would
love to be able to surprise my husband with these once in a while treats
that are actually healthy for his heart while the rest of them munch on
the others.  who knows, we might even be able to convince the SAD's to
give these a try....it has worked in the past with very pleasant
results.  please help!  many thanks to you and do have a very happy and
joyous easter to you all!

angels be with you.
nancy }i{
?it is only with the heart that one
can see rightly; what is essential
is invisible to the eye...?
     antoine de saint-exupery
?angels be with you always? }i{