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RE: FATFREE Digest V99 #86

Sally wrote
>      I have recently bought McDougall's 12 days to maximum health book. I
>      was quite excited to find a substitute cheese mixture that
> you can use
>      for lasagne, macaroni cheese etc. However, it says to use 1 cup of
>      cashew nuts which means it is quite high in fat. Does anyone
> have any
>      other suggestions??

I feel like the only person on the planet who hates cheese. My fiance is
from wisconsin, and his folks think I'm weird because I don't like dairy

If you have mochi, you can grate it and it will melt in a cheese like way.
(Mochi is made from sweet brown rice, so the fat content is relatively
low. ) If you put the mochi on top of something to melt, you may have to
sprinkle water on top of it to get it to melt properly. I'm not sure why,
because I thought it was gross, so I didn't bother experimenting.

If you are wondering why I would recommend something I think is gross, it's
because my cheese-loving friends tell me it's delicious. I think real cheese
is gross (even aside from the fat), so I'm not an expert on cheese-like
products. But you could try  a little, and see what you think. The worst
that will happen is you have some mochi left over, and you have to cut it
and bake it in little squares, and then put a little honey or jam on top
when they are done. Darn. What suffering we must do for cheese. =-)