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Fat-free-sugar-free Granloa

It is very hard to get something completely Fat-free as most Grains contain
some fat.  There are certain things that are very high in Fat such as nuts,
seeds, avocado, coconut, etc..  These things need to be left out of your
Fat-free Granola.   Sugar has the same problem most fruits are high in sugar
(Fructose). Fructose is a Natural unrefined sugar and is better for you.
Those wanting to leave sugar out of their granola must avoid all refine
surgars and also those things high in natural sugar.   I think this means
changing the taste of the granola as we know it.  I means experimenting with
other things.  I have never tried a Vegetable granola but I have had
Vegetable Pizza, etc..  I have sliced and dehydrated vegetables from my
garden and use them for a snack. I see no reason why with experimentation we
couldn't develop a good Vegetable granola.  I would start with something
like carrots, maybe a a  little celery and onion. I have a juicer but you
might just use the blender. Making them very  fine and keeping the fiber. If
you used some celery you wouldn't need salt as it is salty.  I think I'll
try doing something along these lines.

Earl Brunner
Las Vegas, Nevada