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Fat Free Caesar Dressing <R>

> I am looking for a fat free dressing that tastes somewhat like that
> used in a caesar salad with a creamy dressing

For a vegan dressing, use a non-spicy Italian fatfree dressing as a base,
add vegetarian worcestershire sauce, vegan soy parmesan, a little soy milk
and some soy sauce.

The amounts depend on the brand of Italian dressing you start with, but
try a teaspoon of each of the above for an 8 ounce bottle and then
increase each to taste.  Vegan parmesan is not fat free, but the quantity
used in the total recipe results in a trivial amount of fat, around 3%.

For an ovo/lacto version, a dairy fat free parmesan would result in a zero
fat product. EggBeaters or other egg substitutes can be added well as
non-fat milk to make the Caesar taste and as 'creamy' as desired.

Refrigerated, both versions stay good for months.

Neal Pinckney  -  Healing Heart Foundation  -  www.kumu.org