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Re: ADMIN: mailing list update

Michelle wrote:
> Your FATFREE list admin here.  Sorry to have been AWOL so long.
> Typical silicon valley foibles, layoffs, job searches, etc.  Never
> mind.

So very glad to see you, Michelle! I was getting very concerned about you,
quite aside from worrying about the autopilot running down on FatFree. Sorry
you've been having job troubles.

> quinoa, the machine that is dedicated to running the mailing list is
> showing its age.  It's been a champ, churning out FATFREE 24/7 for
> several years now.  It still runs great, it's just that it runs an old
> OS that hasn't been updated and I need to get spam software on it and
> that would be much easier with newer OS and stuff.  Basically: spam
> filled up the disks, and everything ground to a halt, and I'd been
> busy and hadn't realized nor had time to tend.

Well, I'm glad you noticed in the end. We missed our FatFree! Thanks to Bob
for stepping into the breach ... BTW I'm cc'ing this directly to Bob as he
said he had trouble subbing. Try again, Bob! Michelle is back ...

> But, I have a new machine that I will build and migrate FATFREE to.


> I'm also going to see if I can upgrade the mailing list software and
> put a web interface on it so people can unsubscribe easier.  I'm going
> to try switching from exim and smartlist to postfix and Mailman.

Sounds interesting ...

> Biggest hurdle: the web and mail machines are different machines, yet
> would both need access to the subscriber list.  Hmmm.

Can they share a disk?

> I'll try to find time to fix what I can -- forward old posts,
> especially recipes, that didn't make it.

You have been forwarding old posts, haven't you? 8-) An embarrassment of
riches ... makes a nice change from the recent drought.

> FYI: for fast assistance from me on getting off the list, please email
> me at artemis@xxxxxxxxx and I will give you priority attention.

I'm just leaving this for Bob to see ...

Be well, Hadass