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re: fat free taco shells

> ...but the tortillas and shells contain a great 3.7g of fat per 8g 
> serving! I had a look in the archive but could not find a fat free 
> recipie for these - is there one I am missing, or does anyone 
> have a good alternative? 

Taco shells are one of the easiest things to make fat-free.  
Using corn tortillas, preheat the oven to 350 F. (180 C., GasMark 4),
and place each tortilla over the wires so that only two wires are 
below the center of the tortilla. As you start out, the rest of the 
tortilla will be just under the adjacent wires, but as they cook, they'll
droop down to make a perfect 'U' and become crispy. Bake until they 
just begin to turn a darker color, five to ten minutes, depending on 
your oven. 

Neal Pinckney 
Healing Heart Foundation